Community Experience

makes us

Consulting Experts

We nurture common ground

We understand both how people see themselves and how they bond together.

With our experience of authentic human connections, we build long-term relationships and alliances with multicultural communities.

we fortify RECOVERY, build

Our commitment is personal

Our sources are not from data spreadsheets, they are from neighborhoods.

We live and work within their communities.

Our proven track record in strategic communications for the executive branch of New York City politics supports our ability to create strong relationships at a political, social, and media level, founded on trust from the ground up.

Key Services and Strategies

Community Coalition Building

Multicultural Engagement

Ethnic & Community Communications

Community Crisis Communications

“Deja que el corazón de nuestra comunidad sea la fuerza de tu organización”.

“Let the root of our community be the strength of your organization.”

Connections win ELECTIONS

Case Study:
2021 New York City Mayoral Campaign